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Thank you for visiting our blog. In this space we will try to engage our readers with interesting commentary from our team as well as re-posted content from other sources that may be of interest to our readers. We encourage feedback and will accept commentary and submissions from others as our community develops. The sharing of ideas and differing points of view are essential to a healthy society. Understanding what is important to people helps us, as business people to maintain relevance and to adapt to the world around us.

SCG seeks to become a better company by sharing our insights and the insights of others. Busy lives and full schedules often mean we have little time to reach out to the wider community of ideas and expand our thinking to consider new approaches and evolving methodologies. We hope that this blog becomes that resource. To that end we will strive to keep the posts short and concise, both as an aid to reading and out of respect for people’s time.

We live in an age of rapid change. In just 20 years we have revolutionized how we live, work, play and interact with others. Our world has become increasingly smaller as people gained the ability to communicate and share life experiences instantly no matter where or when they occur. Our world has also, at the same time, become impossibly large and distant as the sheer volume of information and potential for interaction swamps our ability to absorb the true meaning of what we see, hear, read and experience.

This closeness and distance have had a profound effect on business and the organization. Demands for personalization, rich experiences and continuous engagement require business to look at customers and users of our services and products differently than we did in the past. Now we are expected to be more inclusive and to tailor products and services to the individual rather than the many. On the other hand the sheer volume of interactions, coupled with the shortened duration of most engagements makes it extremely difficult to adapt the traditional linear process model of production, which depends on standardization, to this new business reality. Never has this been more so than for smaller businesses and enterprises that lack the depth of management and resources to meet these challenges effectively. To compound the problem many companies remain focused on traditional and historical business methods and lack the organizational bandwidth and objectivity to evolve.

Technology is one answer to meeting the challenge posed by our rapidly expanding and integrating environment, but technology alone is not enough. People and process remain the bedrock of business success with technology as an enabler. People, process and position enhanced and enabled by appropriate technology forms the basis of how we can grow and adapt business to thrive in our new dynamic environment. Each element; people, process, position (position as in market position and where the business lives relative to the industry and the competitor set), and the technology tools required to drive production and service, are equally important and have to work harmoniously to build a sustainable future for the business.

SCG is created to help business meet these, and other challenges. Meet them through providing objective and informed insights, assisting in the creation of employee and procedural programs to empower the people element, helping to devise forward looking and relevant marketing strategies appropriate to the market condition and budget and finally, to advise on how to strategically incorporate systems and technologies in a manner that positions businesses for success.

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