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The Scavone Consulting Group and now in combination with Brilliance Belize  the companies organize services around the three primary actions that drive business:

  1. CREATE Business is a creative process where the business activity creates employment, value, ideas and a host of impacts. It begins with the start of the business and continues through the constant evolution of the business as it changes and adapts to changes in the  environment and market, creating and recreating value. SCG assists in this process by providing:

    • Business Plan Development​

    • Business and/or Real Estate Acquisition

    • Organizational Setup and Planning

    • Concept Development

    • Operational Consulting for New Developments

  2. ENGAGE Key to a successful business is the way in which a company interacts with the people, community and organizations it is involved with. Never has it been more important to focus on the relationships that a business has and how it is perceived by others.  Building and managing internal and external marketing programs is a key capability:

    • Marketing Plans​

    • Operating Manuals

    • Property Management for commercial, residential and vacation rental

    • Customized Training Programs

  3. CONNECT All service and product delivery relies on the ability of the business to connect to the components that comprise the business distribution and supply chain. Connections to customers, suppliers, transportation providers and your own work force are essential to efficient operation. Technology has become a driver in enabling connectivity among business stakeholders and SCG has the services you need to make the right connections for your business SCG will also offer our clients the option to have SCG take on the management of social media and online marketing, allowing the client an affordable way to gain SCG expertise without adding to existing staff:

    • Strategic Planning​

    • Local representation services

    • Marketing Management Outsourcing

    • Business & Process Re-Engineering

    • Technology Strategy and Road-mapping

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